Welcome Life Adventurer! Greetings and thank you for registering for KEYS FOR MAGICKAL LIVING!

Congratulations, and a big warm welcome to this immersion experience to broaden your full spectrum Magickal Living.Keys For Magickal Living welcome

This course will be an adventure. It is designed to be experienced over a 4-6 weeks, but you may progress at your own pace. Take some time to play and integrate the activation after each key. The first step is to head to our private Facebook Keys For Magickal Living Group. Please click now to join. The entire course is immediately available in the Units in the group.

You will find all the course material conveniently organised in Units, and discussion and interaction with previous course participants.

Please visit the group regularly to post questions, insights and feedback. I will be following my Keyala – spontaneous whim – and adding material there when I feel the energy. Sharing your experience enhances the experience for us all.

In the beginning …. start with watching the Introduction and preparation videos in Unit 1. And begin to get ready for your adventure. Reflect on and choose… or gather together … the first three items:


A beautiful Magickal Notebook… to be your Book of Spells! Make it one you love and feel it. This will impress your Magickal Child! Watch the videos about it in Unit 4.


A quiet space… to be still and to move in, and to arrange your yoga mat or rug and cushions for Keyala Yoga. You are going to build the silence and energy in this corner!


And a little slice of dedicated time …. as regular as possible… when you are not doing anything else but play with what we are researching here! When Inquiry is top of the list!

There will be live Q&A sessions with me about once a month. We will notify in the group when the next one is scheduled.

For a limited time I am offering a private 1-to-1 fifteen minute LASER conversation with me to hone in on your heart’s desire. Please book an appointment here.

I look forward to seeing you in the Group!


Jeanette Kishori McKenzie

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