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Are You Ready For Magick Makeover? What does the Real You really want?

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Magick Makeover… For Leaders in Transition

When the mind discovers its root in the Heart, it becomes illumined and pulses with the heartbeat. Following the simple steps to Magick Makeover, all emotional and physical disturbances are transformed into embodied coherence, so we know our purpose, pleasure, abundance and freedom – which I refer to as the four yogic flowers. READ MORE


The old filters and conditioning which permit the experience of the world of duality are disintegrating… a new identity begins to birth. It is a time of great instability for many as the old order falls away and our new Home becomes the default, made new in harmony. READ MORE

A Shift in State

A shift from one state to another, although it takes time to be ready, is always sudden. The moment of dawn, of birth, the expected punchline of a joke,  and huge cosmic laughter! Hide and seek… Peek-a-boo! “Here I am singing, shining all the time.”
Always was and always will be. Spring is here and the fields are always already full of flowers. READ MORE


Magick Makeover is alchemy for the mind and body, an open sesame to the treasure of true identity. This shift in perception enables mind to take root in, and as, the HeartField, where vision becomes innate knowledge and stabilises in direct experience.

Coming Soon…

The Song of Rahu ebook is now published on Winter Solstice 2022. The paperback edition will be available at the beginning of 2023. Click the image to read an excerpt and for links to more information, and a link to buy the book.

There are five more books in preparation. Please sign up for the newsletter for updates.


The Song of Rahu
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Finding Treasure Eyeland
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