As resources, over the decades developing and honing my Magickal Living experience, I have written many articles and games, and produced many videos featuring various pieces of the puzzle to establish the ways of Magickal Living.

Some of the written resources are referred to in my videos, such as the LASER, which is a well-proven way of clearing things which no longer serve us.

All of these resources are freely offered, and all are personally researched and developed. Some were written decades ago, but are still powerful and relevant for today, and many of the videos have been produced over the last couple of years in response to questions asked.

We will add new material to these resources on a regular basis. Watch this space!


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Authentic Money Laundering – An introduction to Money Magick.


Beauty and the Beast – For individual and collective evolution and happiness it is vital that we allow into consciousness, and own, our shadow material. Continuing to project the shadow and choose to identify with ‘goodness’ rather than wholeness perpetuates the increasing polarisation, the alienation, terror and abuse in our world, which no-one consciously wants.


Commitment – One of the things that hold many of back. What is commitment? Why do we commit? Commitment is the movement of Being, following what the heart says.


Communicating from the Heart – A safe and gentle way of exploring one-on-one communication. The process is twofold, learning to listen silently and unconditionally with the attention in the witness position in the Heart, and learning to express and feel safe while allowing resistance to complete, clear communication to dissolve.


LASER – An effective way to remove what is no longer serving you.


Living Alchemy – Alchemy can be experienced as an undoing process. Undoing the walls of belief which maintain the shape of the personality, the form and the life to which you are accustomed. Alchemy allows a greater energy flow. Dysfunctional patterns disintegrate, freeing the energy locked into them.


Magickal Creation Notebook – This is only one of the many powerful tools on offer for a Magick Makeover in your life. You will find it invaluable for strengthening and stabilising your choice to live on purpose, and for spelling out your desires. Use it regularly and make it precious. That aspect of you that we call your unconscious mind responds happily to loving, respectful, precise direction. Humans are notorious for changing their minds or being vague about what they want! This little Notebook can become a simple go-to place for defining the choices you REALLY wish to experience. The clearer the better!


Particle Physics When only the viewpoint of the intellect is considered, when this conscious thinking mind has been reflected to us all our life, creating the conscious personality we mistake ourselves for, we miss a vast amount of energy.


Quantum Heart The Quantum HeartSpace adds a whole new dimension of functionality to the human story. It is both the vision of the mystics and quantum physics and beyond. It is a dimension where we are in instant communication.


Recreate Yourself Imagine your full spectrum self. You could say your evolutionary self or your future self. Invite Dr. Who to take you into that area of your story that you call the past, but is actually here and now, recorded in your body! Find frozen energy where you chose to put the emotion on hold, rather than simply let it flow.


So watch carefully where you place attention! In Quantum where everything already IS. Take note of the FEELING you have and notice the STATE you are in. And then enjoy the satisfaction and gratitude. And feel these in advance. Even though your gift is still wrapped! Or is about to be delivered.We are preparing ourselves for bigger shifts, so you want a frame of reference and experience. So there is no doubt at all in your mind that what you desire is appearing now, from where it already IS… No leaks!

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie


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