Welcome to My Magickal Choices Notebook!

gigi's magickal creation notebook
My Magickal Choices Notebook

This is one of the many powerful tools on offer for a Magick Makeover in your life. You will find it invaluable for strengthening and stabilising your choice to live on purpose, and for spelling out your desires. Use it regularly and make it precious.

You are in charge! You are powerful! Your attention is like sun and rain on plants that you grow.

That aspect of you that we call your unconscious mind responds happily to loving, respectful, precise direction. Humans are notorious for changing their minds or being vague about what they want! This little Notebook can become a simple go-to place for defining the choices you REALLY wish to experience. The clearer the better!

How to use your Notebook

At the front record your new choices – what you REALLY want, written as if ALREADY DONE.

In the middle write what you are already enjoying, what you LOVE and are grateful for in your life.

At the back write what you are transforming – anything you DON’T WANT in your life.

All your choices of any kind already exist in the Quantum Heart – what some refer to as ‘the universe’. All you do is energise them by defining them. Spelling out what you want! So always write in the present tense. What is NOW! Already!


At the front:

I live in a beautiful house which I enjoy!

In the middle:

I love and appreciate the beautiful roses in my garden

At the back:

I have completely transformed the relationship with my mother into one of harmony and peace.


Using the My Magickal Choices Notebook is a very simple and effective process. It works well when practised regularly and with intention.


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