Keyala. I originally fell in love with this beautiful word, meaning ‘spontaneous whim, or fancy’ when I found it in descriptions in the stories about the life of Anandamayi Ma. How she would wake in the night and her Keyala, her impulse might be to go to Bangalore. Of course she would immediately get up and start to walk to the station, and all the ashram then got up and followed her!

keyala snowdropsWe all experience these Keyalas, these impulses from the Heart to move from the innate, rising from  beyond the rational Mind. We can choose to allow and follow, or listen to what I call Mr Frosty Breath Mind and ignore – put those impulses off for another ‘more suitable’ moment.

Consciousness is not evolving into some future moment, but falling ever more in the Heart of this spandau, by which I mean this throb in the immediacy of now, the present moment in the HeartField where there is less and less resistance to surrendering to the impulse  of the Heart! That Heart Beauty of now… before and beyond the bubble of space-time. Where the archeology is crumbling into the ocean of now.

Keyala Yoga, evolved from Polarity Therapy

I have distilled my Keyala Yoga practice from my background in Polarity Therapy, Regression Therapy, Scaravelli Yoga and many other practices I have studied and explored over the years. I am a fully qualified Polarity Therapy practitioner and Teacher, member of the UKPTA.

I offer Keyala Yoga sessions online and in person, workshops and retreats. Please contact us for more information.

I continue to explore Embodiment, and will share more in my forthcoming book The Holographic Body, which I am currently researching.

Shadow, the Unknown

We are each a Keyala, an impulse of consciousness to enter this dream which is our lives.

As we contemplate the circumstances of the stories we are dreaming, and consume them, our blindness to the infinite presence which lies prior to all circumstances falls away. Our gaze becomes laser-like, focusing THROUGH all scenery, attention caught by the exquisite pull of the no thing beyond all expression, which is  experienced as a pattern of drifting clouds. The empty Heart feeds on the clouds, the unknown, the separation, until only what Is, remains.

We become what we already are, all identity fallen away.

The HeartBeat of Keyala of the blueprint emerging new in every moment.

When Mind surrenders to rooting in its source, Mind as a separate identity is no more.

The one state necessary for making real the Kingdom of Heaven is to cease completely asking and wondering How It is already done, Illumined.

Mind is able to see right through what some would judge to be horrific circumstances, and rest unmoved, seeing only its illumined self…

This state of equanimity, this is required for realising the Heart on earth




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