From Hurt Child to Heart Child

Communicating from the Heart

This unique process is a safe and gentle way of exploring one-on-one communication. The process is twofold, learning to listen silently and unconditionally with the attention in the witness position in the Heart, and learning to express and feel safe while allowing resistance to complete, clear communication to dissolve. Through this process of meditation and communication, alternately listening and expressing, you can really heal your relationships, know yourself and discover your Heart’s desire.

The Listening Heart – Being the Presence of Love

The listener learns to experience supporting another without taking responsibility, and without making any effort. He or she learns to become a transparent place, a doorway, a window for the Living Heart to shine through, a clear mirror to reflect the SELF to the speaker. A neutral place of no resistance, where incomplete communications and distorted energies are simply dissolved. The listening partner practises remaining deeply relaxed while listening, keeping the attention on the SELF and learning to let go of all the habitual ways of affirming and mirroring the ego beliefs of the other. This in itself is transforming. Practising being the silent witness of another’s process is helpful in one’s own process, and allowing the highest energy to flow through the body is also catalytic.

The group consciousness is magnified and awareness increases, enabling the listeners to hold the attention in the witness position in the Heart. With practice the listening Heart is able to focus on the light of the Self in the speaking partner. This further enhances the energy. The practice is very useful for counsellors and therapists in particular but also for all of us in everyday life. The Listening Heart learns the depth of its own silence, emptiness and compassion, and is thus able to listen without tiring, and absorb while recharging the physical vehicle from within.

The Speaking Heart – From Hurt Child to Heart Child

heart childThe Speaking Heart often feels heavy and burdened with past grief and false impressions about itself and the world. It often feels unsafe and has difficulty in expressing spontaneously. It sometimes doesn’t even know what it really wants any more. The child receives impulses to express from the moment of incarnation. It is itself an expression of Love. At birth and even before, it learns to modify these impulses, to adapt to its environment in order to receive the love it needs to survive.

Its spontaneous movements to express are mirrored by the world outside. However loving its parents may be these impulses to express are modified, appear to slow down and become stuck. Gradually the energy blocks, and ego mind (false beliefs about self and the world) forms in the vulnerability of the loving, surrendering child of the heart. Out of love it makes itself into the image reflected by its parents and the environment, and begins to believe it is a hurt child.

This flow of energy to express is actually unstoppable and moves always to return to Source through the unresisting, neutral, unconditional space of the heart. When incomplete communications are truly heard by the Heart then they dissolve, and the experience of hurt and blocks vanishes. Gradually the speaking hurt child realises that its reflection is the listening, loving Heart, which allows it to be completely free and accepted. Great relief can be experienced. Pain and distress transform into lightness and joy. Often there is a spontaneous, deep realisation of the truth of who is the speaker and the listener, both radiant children of the Heart.

Uniting the Opposites

Each experience is different and can be characterised by one or a variety of emotions, according to the perceived needs and the desires, conscious and unconscious, of the participants. However, experiencing being the speaker, followed immediately by a similar period as the listener, one simply doesn’t have time to sink back into the personal drama, and the process is so fast that the gap between witnessing and expressing closes. One learns by experience that one can always be the witness, and one is always the Heart in all circumstances. Whatever they may be.

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie


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