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Curious? Perhaps feeling a little overwhelmed, wondering where to start?

Over the years we have built up plenty of material on various platforms for getting started on your own personal Magick Makeover, that ‘clunk click’ moment when you feel like you get the punchline of the joke.

Ready, steady, GO!


Magick Makeover with material and courses about Living Alchemy and Living on Purpose

Kishori a portal to The Song of Rahu, where the book is available on sale, with excerpts


Magick Bulletin – a quarterly summary of Magick Makeover activities, with additional special editions if required. Register heref

Social Media:

Facebook Magick Makeover Page  with many of Kishori’s free inspirational videos (click videos tab), and updates

Facebook Song of Rahu Page  with excerpts from Kishori’s epic Song of Rahu, and exploration of radical withdrawal of projection

Facebook The Song of Rahu Book group, for those who have purchased and are reading and exploring the book, and the radical culture shift it heralds


Pre-recorded courses exploring getting started on your Magick Makeover.

Each course is set up in a dedicated private Facebook group, and all course participants are invited to join the private Facebook Magick Makeover Group where Kishori holds monthly interactive live Zoom calls


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