Another essential piece of the Magick Makeover puzzle is the alchemy of nutrition. We offer Alchemical Kitchen Masterclass online Zoom calls where we link the practical to our inner vision and impulse to grow our life. alchemy in the kitchen - sauerkraut

It is action reflecting and energising desire! We provide detailed instructions on purchasing everything you need in advance, then share in online Zoom calls how, for instance, to grow delicious sprouts, and how to serve and consume them consciously with love. We see that while focusing your attention to create the space and conditions to allow a desire of your Heart to “sprout” and grow into form.

Food preparation is an age-old form of Alchemy, symbolising how we live our lives. Which way of eating we follow – intermittent fasting, water fasts, keto, fermented foods, raw foods, sugar free… there is no limit to the possibilities!

Jeanette has experimented for decades, knowing that the kitchen is the heart of the home. In Alchemical Kitchen we celebrate the diversity of foods and techniques to mindfully maximise our energies.

Continuing our exploration into living food as consciousness, we also have guest speakers, including Jeanette’s son, Krishna McKenzie, organic farmer, musician, educator and inspirational speaker. He was on a visit to the UK from Solitude Farm and organic restaurant, Auroville, South India. Krishna shared his passion for honouring Mother Nature, refining our awareness of where our food comes from and growing, preparing and enjoying delicious localicious food for well-being.

Alchemical Kitchen can be followed as a stand-alone interest, and will be a bonus module for members of the Keyala Community.



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