Authentic Money Laundering!

Even though the idea of money is a shadow of the real flow of Abundant Life, it is a device we created for experiencing our true unlimited abundance that flows unceasingly into form. It enables us in the world we currently play in, to exchange our various gifts and to experience our pre-existing wealth and as a screen onto which we project our worth!

Money in Our Lives

money drying on lineConsider how we behave towards money and at the part it plays in our lives. Money carries a long collective shadow, a frozen mass of heaviness and emotion, lack and worry, power and corruption. Let’s look at detoxing our perception of money and clearing the pollution that surrounds the cash we handle and see if we can shift our mindset about it a little more.

If everything is made of that streaming golden candyfloss in the heart, flowing streams of energy, then what is money made of actually?Can we look at it with the same eye that looks at a beautiful jewel, a lotus, or a flowing golden stream? Can we play at giving the kiss of Beauty to the Beast?!!!

Here’s another game for us to play. Pick up a coin now, maybe a pound coin. Please really pick up a coin now

Hold it like this jewel of light and begin to imagine the empty space in it, which the physicists tell us is there. And then see it as a shining, shimmering, radiant star between your fingers, a mass of light. Let yourself see it for what it really is, made of the precious substance of universal consciousness!

Now do the same with all your coins and then the paper money. Decide that whenever you touch money you will choose to bless it by your perception of its true nature. Gently cleanse every coin with your perception, caressing it with your awareness as you give it to another. See it as the precious unlimited flow of living abundance and wish it godspeed in the river of abundance as you pass it on with vastly enhanced value to serve another in this magical way. As you act so shall you receive also. Consciousness blesses itself in return for this act of gentle recognition of real value. What you put your attention on grows.

Blessing Money

money in tumble dryerWelcome change and payment in this way too, blessing the money by your perception as it comes to your account or your hand. Do the same with cheques, bank statements, credit cards, wallets and purses! It takes no time, only a microsecond of awareness.


Please share any thoughts, feelings and stories about the money laundering project with us all. This group is our experiment in serving the evolutionary process by extending acceptance to areas of consciousness which carry collective abuse by misperception. Ultimately we are to see everything this way, but money laundering is the subject for today! Invite anyone you feel would like to join this project!


Designer Software for the Evolutionary Mind © Jeanette Kishori McKenzie BA Dip Hum PsyRPP   


Created for the Rhythm of Abundance cooperative enquiry May to August 2006


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