The LASER Reprogramming Process

For the LASER process you need a piece of scrap paper, a strong pencil, an old tray or strong board on which you can rest your paper and scribble, your Life Creation alchemical notebook, and a beautiful pen, gold or silver or a colour you especially like.

laserOn the piece of scrap paper write a negative belief you have found about yourself which will carry a strong emotion. The following are some examples people have used. I am not worthy. I am not good enough. I always make mistakes. I am not loveable enough. I am not creative.

Then work out what would be the exact opposite of this phrase. Don’t think about it in relation to yourself. It is just an intellectual exercise at this point.  So, I am not worthycould become –I am worth everythingand the others could be something like this – I am enough. I am always appropriate. I am totally loveable / I love what I am. I am highly creative. Now in your Life Creation notebook or on a separate sheet of paper write in a beautiful colour, perhaps inside a golden shiny sun, the phrase which is the opposite of your negative statement and put the notebook aside for now.

Now comes the scribbling bit. Pick up the plastic tray or whatever you have that is solid for leaning on, and put the paper with the negative statement on the tray. Read it and feel to the full how sad, angry or whatever emotion you have. Feel the illegitimacy of this statement as it has been applied to you and how you really want to release it for ever. Take your strong pencil in your left hand (or your right hand if you are left-handed) and begin to scribble out the negative statement. Scribble as hard and as fast as you want to, and allow as much energy as possible to flow into your arm. Keep on scribbling it out till the energy is all gone and you don’t feel like scribbling any more! Maybe the paper is shredded. That’s fine. Leave the paper where it is for now, sit back and relax and breathe for a few minutes enjoying the release of energy.

Now pick your Life creation notebook again and read the replacement phrase which describes your new belief.  Breathe it into the space left in your heart by the release of energy. Write it in enormous letters of shimmering gold in your heart as if on a huge advertising board by the side of the road. Sprinkle it with stardust and enjoy the feeling. The next thing depends on whether you are in a group or alone right now. If you are in a group turn to someone near you and ask them to partner you. Decide who goes first. The first person repeats their new belief to their partner till he or she really gets it! Strength of voice, posture, energy and firm eye contact with no blinking will tell you or your partner that the belief is in place! Then change over. If you are alone, repeat it to yourself in a mirror until you know the new belief is firmly in place. This is just as effective. Finally go outside and burn the remaining scraps of paper, releasing any residual energy or emotion into the atmosphere for recycling! That’s the LASER experience – Enjoy!


Jeanette Kishori McKenzie BA Dip Hum Psy RPP


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