Making the ordinary extraordinary, and the extraordinary ordinary

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Jeanette Kishori McKenzie offers life-changing Whispering Your Magnificent Life Packages, which can affect ALL areas of your life story, including:

  • Getting Life effortlessly on track, surfing the crest of the wave, for the magnificent life experience which is your birthright
  • Fusion of Masculine and Feminine, inner and outer, in balance and flow for ideal relationships
  • Relationships – with Self and Significant Others
  • Any apparent disruption in life is an alchemical catalytic converter

As a result of her inner awakening over a lifetime distilling and alchemising eastern and western wisdoms, along with her innate knowing, Jeanette recognises when the inner energy body, the true embodied Being, is stirring. She sees when you are ready to move clearly and effortlessly beyond the limitations of the old paradigm psychodynamic way of living. Ever in the now, like a midwife, Jeanette gently supports you in birthing your coherent full spectrum life, on a neverending journey which cannot be seen from unillumined mind.

The process embodies a spontaneous awakening from within, whispering your magnificent life.

Having your magnificent life in Flow effortlessly harnesses the energy behind all apparent disturbance, allowing:

  • Your physical body to be beyond all illness and distortion
  • Limitless flow of abundance
  • Relief from experienced grief
  • Revision of estrangement
  • Review of any perceived disruption in your life story

Tuning in to this knowing and being is continuous with your vaster Self, which comes through feeling prior to thinking. Your journey is husbanded by the Inner to smoothly allow your true identity to emerge, the New You from Source, completely fulfilled in the one consciousness. Full spectrum, beyond linear time.

This is NOT

  • Teaching
  • A course
  • A tool

This is transmission, it is nurturing, like a gardener. Not cultivated by the mind, but by the inner desire of the Heart, knowing that you have all your gods and goddesses within you. The seed of the new consciousness is not TAUGHT, rather it is EXPERIENCED, a new way of life.

This is for those who recognise

  • You have a deep inner knowing that there is MORE, even if you can’t yet describe what it is
  • Crisis or ‘interrupts’ are Rahu Moments (see for more details), an epiphany, an invitation to a breakthrough
  • You are driven to join the dots, to be able to see the bigger picture
  • You’re wondering if current experience really is all there is – it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, it’s about cultivating your innate knowing for a complete full spectrum life
  • You may have feelings of separation, fury and frustration which are unbearable and make no sense – bewilderment – there must be another way
  • You are in the process of shapeshifting from your old identity, but don’t yet feel clear about what next

Are you ready?

When you’re in flow, it happens spontaneously by itself, which you recognise as Keyala Flow. It sparks profound joy and satisfaction. From the smallest examples in day-to-day life, like finding parking spaces, to the really big experiences, like finding the love of your life.

For a limited time, Jeanette is currently offering Whispering Your Magnificent Life Packages: her attention and focus on you, including four online one-to-one zoom sessions (in flow, 60+ minutes), to be scheduled within six weeks, with activation of your deepest desires. Your investment for this special offer is £600. Please email to apply, and to receive payment details. The first step is to schedule a personal discussion with Jeanette to identify your top priority focus for your Whispering Your Magnificent Life Package. Please schedule a time on BOOKINGS

*** There is currently a special discount rate of £400 for members of the Silver Synergy part of The Silver Tent for women over 50 challenging convention and redefining the myth of the older woman 

Periodically group sessions are also available at a special rate, minimum four people.

We are also planning in-person retreats.

Please note, this is a rare opportunity

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