Kishori is a Sanskrit Word, Meaning Young Girl, Singer and Dancer Who Will Never Age

kishori child playingSpelt slightly differently, Kishore, it also means a youth. She is the cutting edge of my being, a child playing, and since play is the only way to become real, she is the most real aspect of what I am. A cutting edge state that each one of us knows. I am aware of the dynamic thrust of the life force she embodies for me, but it is a state that each one already knows. We are each one a nuclear fusion of masculine and feminine as the two cells from our parents merge in an implosion of light, sound and frequency. Whether as a male or female body, we are both at the same time, in an endless love affair with ourselves. She is the eternal dancer of life, the little song we are singing.

The Indian Master, Osho gave me this name many years ago. It is not personal but can apply to anyone who assumes that state.

A name describes a state of consciousness. In the ancient language of  Sanskrit the name  is the vibration which activates that state. Namarupa. Name and form. An empowered Rishi is able to pronounce that sound and the form is called into expression. Sound is form. We can see this clearly in the sound Om. This word when vibrated with conscious intent through a tray of sand by a Rishi can instantly create the image of the Sri Yantra, the sound body of the manifest world.

As the huge shift in consciousness we are engaged in, as the Magick Makeover takes place, the frequency of Kishori expresses that cutting edge state of consciousness which is unfolding ever more deeply into the immediacy of the present moment, into now. Our experience of time becomes fluid. We are no longer evolving into the future, but poised to unfold into timelessness, into the resistanceless space of the Heart in this eternal NOW. As we realise our true origin is before and beyond space time, our body can be free from the effect of space-time. In a similar way astronauts can be released from the effect of gravity when beyond the influence of the earth.

Kishori is the cutting edge state for each to express, as we surrender to realising our true nature and origin, playing  freely in this field,  following the impulse of the Heart to create.


Kishori is…

The cutting edge, the newness, the spontaneous willingness to be in the NOW, to live magickally

The singer and dancer who never grows old

Natural, simple, fun, playful, instant


Activating the state of Kishori is aligning with Magickal Living.

Magickal living comes to instantly and easily CHANGE being a house divided, in conflict, imbalance.

It lifts the spell, clears the filters, makes sure you’re not driving with the brakes on

Living Alchemy, steadiness, sitting in the middle of the house


Magickal Living is Radical Ahimsa – living effortlessly in non-conflict.

Making us all aware that there is NO OTHER – WE are the operant power in our life.

Allowing the 4 yogic flowers to unfurl and be expressed in our lives: Dharma – purpose, Artha – abundance, Kama – pleasure, Moksha – freedom.

Evolutionary refinement of living in the HeartField, expressing our sovereign divinity.





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