Courses for a Magick Makeover… for Leaders in Transition to focus your Heart’s true desire

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie offers a range of immersion courses which are experiences in Self-Inquiry, Keyala Yoga and Magickal Living, sharing the Alchemy and distilled enlightenment of her life-long explorations to inspire a Magick Makeover for Leaders in Transition. These experiences can become a lifestyle choice, an established way of living, beyond struggle, isolation, fear and separation.

These courses are for those curious to explore, for a radical culture shift to turn your life around – which can happen as swiftly as flipping a switch. (Please note these are courses held in the past, so please ignore dates and times which may be mentioned)

These courses are online, available at any time of the day (or night), in any time zone, to be enjoyed at your own pace. They are accessed and supported by membership in a private Facebook group to share your experiences, and you are invited to participate in Live Q&A interactive Zoom sessions with Jeanette Kishori McKenzie, where you can share and raise questions about your own exploration and experiences.

For a limited period during this time of Transition and great change we are offering these experiences at a special reduced investment of just £97 to focus your Heart’s true desire.

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Simple, fast ways to reignite your innate curiosity to discover what you really desire for full spectrum living

courses change your mind and lift the spell!

The most important love affair you will ever have is with yourself… the only true one
A course for getting started with Magickal Living, a love affair between the conscious mind and the unknown.

This immersion experience shares with you all the essentials to play the life game of living magickally from the Heart. A great starting point, or a compelling refresher course!

This adventure very simply ‘holds the hand of Mind’, and takes understanding step by step through the fundamental process of inquiry and practice. Take a fresh look at the  purpose and vital importance of a Magickal Choices Notebook – which is as simple as it sounds. New exploration of shadow and love of the unknown, absolute non-conflict, the essential nature of radical Ahimsa, withdrawal of projection and an introduction to the masculine, feminine and archetypal Templates.

The course includes membership in the private Change Your Mind – Lift The Spell Facebook group where there is an introduction, a dozen short inspirational videos to acquaint you with Magickal Living, four weekly Change Your Mind – Lift The Spell! sessions (each approx 1 1/2 hours) and a completion and celebration session. As a bonus there are six sessions of Keyala Yoga for embodiment of Magickal Living.

All participants are invited to also join the Magick Makeover private Facebook Group where there are many further resources, and invitations to attend the live Q&A Zoom sessions with Jeanette.

Establish a daily ritual devoted to YOU with imagination and feeling – it is vital for realising that you are the operant power… and emerge from the robotic mind matrix.

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courses keys for magickal living


Are you ready to turn your life around?

Pieces of the puzzle to establish a regular ritual of Self Inquiry and Embodiment for Magickal Living

Keys for Magickal Living includes 30+ life-changing tips
  • 30 Keys for Magickal Living, short videos, introductions, 17 videos exploring Magickal Living
  • 4 Bonus Keyala Yoga videos
  • Private Facebook group with immediate access to all course material, and to share experiences and ask questions
  • An invitation to join the Magick Makeover private Facebook group where there are many more resources, and an invitation to live Q&A Zoom sessions with Jeanette Kishori McKenzie online
  • The entire Experience is recorded and available online, so you may play with these Keys at your own pace, in your own time, and establish a regular practice of Self Inquiry and Embodiment for Magickal Living.

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courses as you see it

Anchor the power of the Heart to make it so

  • Five hour-long videos exploring how to focus and ignite your imagination
  • Private Facebook group to access course material, share experiences and ask questions
  • An invitation to join the Magick Makeover private Facebook group where there are many more resources, and an invitation to live Q&A Zoom sessions with Jeanette Kishori McKenzie online

You will be notified in the Facebook Group when the Live Q&A sessions are scheduled

This is Magickal Living from the state of Already Done, exploring miracles, birth and rebirth, Heart stars, Secret Gifting, and setting intentions KNOWING that they are Already Done.

The mind rooted in the Heart becomes illumined, and you see with pristine clarity, and so it is.


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An online Intensive to explore embodying the Heart, then Completion and Celebration. Living in the HeartField is key to stress free living.

Our Heart Life is already truly Magickal.

Are you ready to Make It REAL and live conflict-free, as the Body of the Heart?

To rewire your mind into the Quantum Heart rather than into circumstances and archaeology?

Seeing and feeling and allowing the embodiment of your authentic expression, your unlimited self?

This follows the WAKE UP TO MAGICK Intensive, a powerful intra-personal integration.

This course is currently not open for registration

Recordings of the WAKE UP TO MAGICK and EMBODY THE HEART intensive courses will be available shortly.

Please contact us if you have more questions about these courses, or request for future courses

More courses coming soon…

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What People Say About Jeanette’s Courses

Jeanette’s course has changed my life. Jeanette’s course was informative, engaging and fun, and what’s more it produced some amazing results very quickly. I’ve read various books and attended various courses over the last few years, but this course has been the best so far, bringing a fresh perspective to life, the universe and everything. Julia Fox


The course has been great! So many useful tools in there that have already come in handy. My main application is to approach my new yoga class like a zen archer so that my nerves do not get the better of me, and I have to say it is working really well. Chloe Crook


There is magick in my life now, a joyful playfulness, ease and exuberance. My movement and language have changed, my ways of thinking, of being with other people, and how I am when I’m alone. I’m braver, I have more clarity, I’m finding a voice where I would’ve been tongue-tied, I am also quieter inside, more reflective, much more stable. Tracey Roberts


Jeanette has showed me how to undo the damage inflicted by others and self (either by omission or commission) over a life time. She demonstrated how to live by intention… how to recognise what I wanted in life, and then let what I wanted to happen. By teaching me how to take part in Dyads, and introducing me to others who I could work with, I have learned to have faith in my inner wisdom, and live a life with daily gratitude for all I have. It took time to learn, time to think through, and time to put all she has taught us into practice, but it is now part of my daily life. Penny Ward


I am finding that working with Jeanette I simply don’t need anyone else’s courses. I have had such great insights, revelations and WOW moments in the last few weeks of ‘playing the magic game’. Also, I love the personal support and love the way that she keeps in constant touch with encouragement. Patricia Cherry


I have been blown away by Jeanette’s kindness, wisdom and humour. The simplicity of her teaching is wondrous. She talks of cosmic quantum physics and playing like a child in the same sentence with a twinkle in her eye, and she has the steadiest, calmest strong voice. She speaks to my soul. She’s right, to the point, and from the heart, and I know that throughout her powerful, enlightening, mind-boggling, life-changing conversations, she’s inwardly giggling and imagining a glittering tiara on her own head. I love her. She walks by my side. X. Jo Thilwind


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