Synopsis of the Song of Rahu

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie’s epic poem explores the power of the shadow. The poem has been set to music in India with her son, Krishna McKenzie.

The Song of Rahu has been transformational for those at crucial turning points in their lives, a poignant reminder to shift perception, and harness what seems to be ‘unwanted’. It is like rocket fuel, to propel us to the next great state. Once we embrace this whole-heartedly as if steering into the skid, we let go and allow the transformation, KNOWING that all is well – then we experience the greatest shift.

The surprising simplicity of the process is revolutionary. It changes how we view all so-called ‘shadow’.


The Song of Rahu is an extraordinary incantation, a powerful affirmation that all is simply the Beloved. In the midst of the darkest circumstances, the rhythm of this Song resonates as a sruti note. Its uniquely haunting beauty, together with the profound realisation of the author as she speaks, take the mind beyond fear to rest in the Truth of the non-dual state.

Do you feel it moving to embody?
This great mystery of the Shadow?

Hear Jeanette Read Excerpts From The Song of Rahu

Excerpt 1 Prelude


Excerpt 2 Rahu Speaks


Prelude to The Song of Rahu

Rahu the merciless says

No amount of

Avoiding conniving

Squirming and skiving

Delaying and hiding

Guiltily lying

Deviously denying

Fearfully hiding

Slipping and sliding

Sighing and crying

For what is seemingly gone…


Rahu Jane AdamsOr choosing preferring

Planning and scheming

Wheedling and pleading

Wheeling and dealing

Contriving and striving

Hurrying scurrying

Anxiously waiting

Avoiding or hastening

What may be to come…


Will ever prevent

The terrible event

That awful fearful

Reality blasting

Merciful encounter

With Rahu… Now

Since Now is all there is.


The e-book of The Song of Rahu is now published on Winter Solstice 2022, and is available from Amazon worldwide. There is a link to buy it and more information HERE. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The paperback edition is due to be available at the beginning of 2023.

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