The Quantum Heart and Quantum Physics

quantum heartThe Quantum Heartspace adds a whole new dimension of functionality to the human story. It is both the vision of the mystics and quantum physics and beyond. It is a dimension where we are in instant communication. Where the dimensions of time and space are transcended. When the eye of the Heart is opened we see and experience WHO and WHAT is truly present, as well as the modified vehicle of expression that living presence appears as, in the physical realm.

This has the – often instantaneous – effect of softening or dissolving the experience of separation and distorted perception, and sharpening the ability of the mind and body to function optimally.


This whole physical realm is a collusive perception, a twenty-four-seven, virtual reality magic show, and is in any case, infinitely customisable. We already know that time and space are simply the dimensions of the box which encloses the mind. Quantum physics tell us this is so, but our experience, for the most part, has told us otherwise. But we all have flashes of experience which show us something different. Like the alchemists of old we can put our head through the apparent boundaries of space time, duality and otherness.

We can live in the superfluid state. We are able to vibrate with such clarity that we spontaneously activate that state in others. In the physical dimension we seem to acquire enhanced abilities of perception. Seeing things from multiple points of view and facilitating and stabilising that state of awareness in ‘others’. Our perception expands from single particle perception to include that of the wave and manifestation of ‘multiple particles’.

quantum heart shapePractising seeing and communicating in this way – being together in this way – in the workshops and retreats and small dyad groups, and in our ‘personal’, ‘individual’ life, leads eventually to stabilisation in this field of expanded awareness and enhanced ability. Seeing and being seen for what we truly are, we consciously draw that way of being into form.

Community of the Heart

Experiencing and recognising this communion we are creating a sangha, a living Community of the Heart. (Creation happens by distinguishing one possibility from all others and deliberately choosing to energise this way of being.)

While remaining aware of the distorted habitual fragmented perception of the mind and our previous programming, we, the new Community of the Heart, individually and collectively, are choosing to radiate this new vision, this enhanced hologram of the unity of the Quantum Heart. It is a dynamic high frequency radiation, a Quantum Heartbeat. It is the ‘way we choose to see’. And the way we choose to live becomes an ever more stable reality. Eventually becoming the ‘normal’ way of perceiving and being! Distortion of any kind is not REAL! As you see it so shall it be!


In each of our lives it only takes one to be in communion, rather than in communication. It is ultimately an effortless choice to see that faint light of the Heart. By contemplation of that light of the Heart, it is energised, it becomes brighter, clearer. Together we create a stronger battery.

If we live contemplating that living presence in the midst of confusion and muddled perception, we attract others who also love to see in that way and the eye of the Heart is opened wide, widened to infinity.

The world reconfigures naturally around us, and eventually stabilises in the way we choose to experience it. The effect in the everyday world is what we call miraculous. But it is a natural effect.

It only takes one, and the hologram is stronger as more are drawn to the Quantum Heartbeat, to a natural state of resonance.

All this is no longer a distant vision of the stars but accessible now. We are the doorways to the enhanced life of the Quantum Heart.

Humanity is already stirring. We can activate and ground that new vision, opening to the power of the Heart. It is now essential. It is time.

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie


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