Known as Kishori, Jeanette Kishori McKenzie is a visionary alchemist, a catalytic converter, inspiring life makeovers, creating state-of-the-art designer software for the evolutionary mind. She sees what people love, and notices where there is an opportunity for them to clarify their desires and sharpen their focus. She shows how to embrace experienced setbacks as opportunities, and allow them to be converted into flow. She enables people to speed up the process of enhancing their lives. Since early childhood she has been exploring the nature of consciousness, combining Eastern Wisdom with Western Communication Skills, Alchemy and Yoga to create a unique invitation to Self-Inquiry.

Kishori sees where there is potential for more, sensing the holding patterns. She feels it physically in her own body, calling what is not seen into form, activating and energising it to allow fuller expression, freedom and happiness.

She inspires people to identify the importance of maintaining the equilibrium of what she calls sunny inner weather, without contraction or reaction to apparent external circumstances, remaining anchored in the HeartField at the centre of the carousel of life as we are being reborn into a new world.

The Evolution of Kishori’s Inquiry

young jeanette kishori mckenzieConstantly inquiring, Kishori has studied and experimented with countless modalities including humanistic psychology, polarity therapy, energy medicine, voice and sound therapy, regression therapy, nutrition, somatics, yoga and qi gong. She has taken part in many enlightenment intensives, eventually training to become an Enlightenment Master.  She is daily exploring yoga (meaning ‘union’) and embodiment, and has distilled her life-long experiences to create her unique Keyala Yoga and Heart Communication.

Kishori says: “Quality and power of facilitation come from a continual integration of the depth of love of the quantum field. This living presence is catalytic and irresistible. Whatever we think we might know is as nothing in the face of this vast simplicity. This practice when rooted in the HeartField is designed to be effortless. Everything is either easy – or impossible. I absolutely love inviting that simple presence to fill the space, and then watching miraculous transformations unfold.”


Language – Kishori’s First Love

jeanette kishori mckenzie

A natural linguist, with a love of communication and travel, at an early age she became fluent in several European languages. Graduating in Modern Languages and becoming successful in the field of education and training, she was drawn to explore the nature of language itself, and how the words we use to express ourselves reinforce our beliefs, defining and often limiting our experience. Continually curious about communication and energy flow both within and between systems, and about relationship at all levels, she researched extensively into Eastern wisdom and Western communication skills, completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Humanistic Psychology. For many years she ran her own residential centre for expanding human potential, creating processes for authentic communication and transforming perception.

Kishori says: “Unseen, unused energy and talent distorts and disturbs. I enjoy facilitating the discovery and integration of these untapped resources, enabling a renewed energy flow and increased performance in individual leaders and their organisations.”


Kishori’s Approach

Kishori enjoys celebrating perception shifts – Magick Makeovers – with groups, individuals and couples. I facilitate and activate integration for enhancing relationships. My understanding is that true relationship is simply with oneself. I see everything I facilitate as intrapersonal, supporting the unique perspective of the Self experienced as the integrating individual.

Kishori says: “My intention is simply to be present as witness and catalyst, responding to the energy and the movement of being in the moment, noticing any language which indicates incongruence of intention and energy and reflecting this to the Inquirer, in a challenging, supportive and light-hearted way. My attention is always on who the Inquirer really is, not on what they may seem to be – how they may be identifying themselves.

Perception shifts naturally result as attention is given, and they can be enjoyed as psycho-physical events, an expansion of consciousness in the moment, like getting the punchline of a joke. The ensuing spontaneous energy release naturally continues to flow into form as further exploration and action. It grounds and stabilises the Inquirer’s increasingly congruent intention to embody the full spectrum consciousness of the Intelligent Creative Heart, harnessing the pristine energy of the HeartField.”

Inner Research and the Nature of Consciousness

I am passionately interested in exploring through direct psycho-physical experience what this life actually is. From early childhood I knew the way was literally through the awakening Heart. My curiosity and intense focus on the HeartField drew many early direct revelations of the Nature and Oneness of Reality. For more than forty years I have consciously witnessed the accelerating shift of perception towards autonomy of authority in the individual consciousness, and the evolving acknowledgement of the supremacy of the Living Intelligence of the Heart.

jeanette kishori mckenzieAs a result of my long-standing interest in Indian culture and consciousness, I researched in some depth the guru/disciple phenomenon as a means of Consciousness awakening to Itself. This old paradigm is evolving into one of equivalency and autonomy, mutual awakening of the cells by resonance. I am researching and documenting through myth, poetry, rhythm, mathematics, sound, colour, feeling, and form, the moving structure, the living flow of the One Being in the evolution of Consciousness, the story of Being awakening like a baby to Itself. I observe how the structure of our inner landscapes, like a film of light and sound on the lens of our eye, faithfully produces the stories displayed on the screen of our world.

The material is drawn from my own life experience and observation of the world and the mechanics of creation, and the experience of those who have been willing to share their most intimate experiences and myths with me, clients, colleagues, friends and family. I am deeply grateful for their openness and trust. Everything I have explored has been simply this Living Intelligence of the Heart desiring to see and know itself in form.

I am fascinated to observe the emerging new myths of humanity. The evolving story of humanity is the living myth of the HeartMind, integrating its projections, awakening to Itself, the one Owner, Creator and Enjoyer of this spontaneous display of rhythm and beauty in form. My research is documented in my poetry and my writing and the games and maps of awakening I have created. I opened my eyes and it became obvious. Stress vanishes with dissolution of personal ownership. I am a player in and a storyteller of the freely awakening life of the Living Heart.

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie BA Dip Hum Psy RPP

It is essential to be clear about Alchemy. About the power of the union of opposites… about embracing with simple curiosity, the interruptions in the patterns of conscious flow. Train your mind to release the power in the unexpected intervention, the shadow, the seeming disaster. Develop the habit of observing events with dispassion, calmly, steadily. There is huge power here when you practice non-resistance, non-judgement, embracing the atithi, the unexpected guest, allowing this to rest in and unravel in the HEART. Allowing your feeling to flow and dissolve, setting the body free from trauma, contraction and pain. These contractions are open doorways, Portals to the Power and freedom and bliss of the HeartField, when embraced with curiosity and tenderness. Experiment and see! Jeanette Kishori McKenzie


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