The first Magick Makeover Handbook – Handbook for Magickal Living 1 – featuring 9 tips for Magickal Living is due to be published soon.

reading handbook for magical livingA simple guide to the direct way to see with the eyes of the Heart and experience our beautiful world in coherence, transforming circumstances and radiating a conflict-free HeartField.

This Handbook gives practical ways to establish a new habit of living on purpose, which we have recently proven as a group experiencing 9 tips to Wake Up to Magick.

The simplest and most fundamental way to resolve all states perceived as ‘problems’ is the Way of the inquiring ChildHeart, which returns everything to the HeartField. Health, relationships, well-being, abundance, purpose, clarity… all are restored to coherent frequency with these easy powerful practices.

Here is a comment by one of the participants in the recent Challenge:

“This is not just a theoretical course in life by design.This is step-by-step practical implementation. Jeanette takes no prisoners. Amazing how quickly you can shift from reactor to creator when you are shown how. For me the shift came in the first 48 hours. It’s like finding out your magic wand does work, but you’d forgotten to plug it into your heart. We are creatures of habit, and so the 9 days plus 9 days’ integration were invaluable to develop the new habit of remembering to take everything to the heart, to be magically transformed. So much magic has happened in the last couple of weeks that I can’t begin to imagine what happens next – but I’m in like Flynn!”

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