Living Alchemy Self-Inquiry

Conscious Awakening and the Integration Process

living alchemyAlchemy on one level is the secret of transformation, the ancient alchemical art of transforming matter into free energy. Turning lead into gold. Or transforming the unreal into the Real. Transforming your perception of your current identity into realisation (making Real) of the unlimited, abundant Self which you truly are.

Miracles, magically lifting spells, seeing things differently, makes it really possible for them to be different, just as in myths and fairy tales.

Undoing Projection

There can be many, tiny, incremental perception shifts in the process as all that you had previously projected externally, had thought was not you, is gradually included and integrated into your awareness of what you are. The skin of the old you stretches to accept the widened vision and ultimately the old boundaries of defining mind fade. At the same time there is a pull to a greater definition in form, a grounded expression of the original blueprint. A truer and finer embodiment.

Alchemy can be experienced as an undoing process. Undoing the walls of belief which maintain the shape of the personality, the form and the life to which you are accustomed. Alchemy allows a greater energy flow. Dysfunctional patterns disintegrate, freeing the energy locked into them.

If you experience incongruence between what your heart desires and what appears to be unfolding in the story of your life, you will definitely experience the pressure to embody more from within your system. Sometimes, It can feel like a capped oil well! The experience is often identified as stress!

living alchemyIf you already experience a reasonable flow in certain areas of your life, reflect on the areas where you can see room for increased surrender to allow a more abundant flow of well-being and goodness. An alchemist looks for the prima materia (the lead to transform) at the point of “I don’t like”, “I don’t want” and “this is not ok”. And in resignation and resistance.

Alchemy finds clues in the ways that the habits and beliefs of your lineage have restricted the flow of energy. The incomplete tasks of your parents – their sacrifices, regrets and unfulfilled desires – are the places where your inheritance is shaped. It falls to the descendants of the lineage to clear the limitations in the energy in order to experience all we know we can be.

If you are considering exploring what you think of as yourself with the living alchemy maps of consciousness, a free initial consultation on the telephone is usually available. The following simple reflection can help to prepare for an initial consultation.


living alchemy

We are destined to evolve into 360-degree full-spectrum beings like the sun. Where in your life do you embody less than 360-degree radiance? Where do you see and feel the tightness of limitation? Where is there any distortion? For you or anyone in your lineage (that is anyone in your family, past or present, or even close friends). Your Emotions, Conscious Thoughts, Your Peace and Contentment,  Memories, Health,  Body, Relationships of all kinds -harmonious and otherwise, Sexuality,  Mistakes, Accidents, Patterns of Behaviour, Addictions, Finance, Creativity, Beauty,  Home, Transport, and more. Where would you choose to unfold a more harmonious, more authentic, more abundant life story? This assessment tells us where we can begin to release energy according to the individual direction of our inner alchemist. The exploration and undoing of the tangled web of each one, although there will be similarities, is a unique, secret inner process. Although feelings can be shared, the process itself is as hermetically contained as is the sealed womb which encloses a foetus. This is alchemy.

A witness, often called a soror mystica or frater mysticus, is an essential part of the process, especially at the beginning. In a very few cases this process is internalised. A witness creates focus and energises the alchemical process.

The pull to engage in alchemy is experienced as personal and individual.  Indeed, it is usually the discomfort of the incongruences we observe in our life that activate the desire to engage in this process of self-inquiry. Radical honesty is required, and therefore implicit trust in the witness as the areas of shadow and what is most hidden in the personality are necessarily brought to the surface. However, we begin to see that in the alchemical process it is the lineage that is being cleared and ultimately our whole world. There is nothing personal. We own nothing, not even our most secret thoughts.

Living Alchemy Software for the Evolutionary Mind

It is possible for consciousness to directly know itself as individual structure through a process of self-inquiry and to witness itself. Living Alchemy has a series of maps for the various stages of exploration.

The first map Living Alchemy uses to explore individual structure is the mapping of the nuclear fusion of the two original cells of an organism in the moment of conception and the subsequent embodiment, an awareness of the energetic cloud surrounding that nuclear fusion and the solar system of early relationships.


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