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Your Life is a Fairytale! Without direction it unfolds according to ancient spells cast by random patterns of reaction and regret, resulting in a blind life of cause and effect. Fear and anger, sorrow and regret, pain and bewilderment are the automatic result of an unexamined, unrevised storyline!
Never regret anything! Regret is inelegant, ineffectual, outdated, a continuance of automaticity – not a solution!
As you tire of feeling helpless at the mercy of ‘Circumstances’, choose instead to practice Inquiry, discover your innate Sovereign Power, embrace and revise, correct rather than regurgitate and suffer, open your eyes and lift the spell in this old story that many are still living.In the HeartField all power is yours to revise. Imagine and feel a completely new way. Nothing is set in stone. Magickal Living, Coherence and Freedom are your birthright. Why not experiment and step out of the confusion of chaos? The former leg chains of an inherited clunky Mind Matrix are already dissolved.Re-dream your fairytale, sing according to a new delightful, revised and spell-free, Song of the Heart today! Magickally Make Over your lifesong!YOU are invited.
The collusion of confusion is over.
Are you Ready?
Come to our Magick Ball and play! Jeanette Kishori McKenzie




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