Simple, fast ways to reignite your innate curiosity to discover what you really desire for full spectrum living

The most important love affair you will ever have is with yourself… the only true one ❤

(Please ignore days and dates mentioned during the course recordings. Designed to be a month-long experience, you may enjoy the course at your own pace)

An online immersion course for getting started with Magickal Living, a love affair between conscious mind and the unknown, which is pure potential. 

change your mind with jk mckenzie
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This experience designed to last a month (but you can experience it at your own pace) gives you all the essentials to play the life game of living magickally in the HeartField. A great starting point, or a compelling refresher course!
This course very simply ‘holds the hand of Mind’, and takes understanding step-by-step through the fundamental process of inquiry and practice. A fresh look at the  purpose and vital importance of a Magickal Creation Notebook – which is as simple as it sounds. New exploration of shadow and love of the unknown, radical non-conflict, the essential nature of radical Ahimsa, withdrawal of projection, Keyala Yoga and an introduction to the masculine, feminine and archetypal Templates. Why practicing daily with imagination and feeling is vital for realising that YOU are the operant power… and escape the robotic mind matrix. Deeper Embodiment, Evolution, with Mind rooted in the Heart. As you Change Your Mind you Lift The Spell…

The course includes:

  • 11 short videos as an introduction to acquaint yourself with Magickal Living
  • 5 immersion video sessions (each 1 1/2 hours long) to Change Your Mind – Lift The Spell!
  • Private Change Your Mind Facebook group to access course material, share your exploration, realisations, discoveries and transformations
  • Priority invitation to online Live Q&A calls with Jeanette Kishori McKenzie
  • Bonus Keyala Yoga sessions encouraging spontaneous embodiment of Magickal Living
  • Subscription to the Magick Makeover Newsletter with tips and updates (approx 4 a year)
  • Membership in the private Magick Makeover Facebook Group with more Magickal Living resources
  • For a limited time, a private 1-on-1 fifteen-minute LASER conversation with Jeanette Kishori McKenzie to hone what your heart truly desires

Are you ready to lift the spell?

Course ref: CYM

The investment for the course is currently £54* (special offer reduced from £306) for a limited time

Rate for Keyala Community Members only is currently £36*. (Select second drop-down option under Change Your Mind Course below)

*Bursaries and special terms may be available on request, with priority for Keyala Community members and those who have participated in my previous courses. Please apply here.

Please register by clicking the button below. On completion of payment, when you see the Welcome page, please join the private Facebook Group where you have immediate access to all the course material. (If you do not see the Welcome page please contact us)

Change Your Mind Course

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