An immersion experience, 30 Keys + a Completion Celebration, supportive resources, 16 videos exploring Magickal Living + 4 bonus Keyala Yoga videos
(Please ignore days and dates mentioned during the recordings. You may enjoy the course at your own pace, usually over 4-6 weeks)
Pieces of the puzzle to establish a regular practice of Self Inquiry and Embodiment for Magickal Living

An invitation to Keys for Magickal Living

We are evolving consciousness. Many of us are under the spell of identifying with a robotic memory complex. Are you ready to discover what is Real? Are you ready to experience how simple and easy are the Keys for Magickal Living?
Jeanette Kishori McKenzie

Jeanette offers these Keys For Magickal Living with depth and clarity for ease of inquiry. The Keys are simple, direct and experiential.

metaphor: keys for magickal living

Who will enjoy this experience?
Those who are

  • curious and ready to inquire
  • ready to skillfully engage with life challenges in areas such as health, wealth, relationships, home, career and creativity
  • ready to allow overwhelm, confusion and mental fog to clear, and to refine and create more clarity, and embody with more simplicity
  • ready to let go of self-criticism, fear and insecurity
  • ready to reignite a state of playfulness, play with the magick of shifting perception and live in the HeartField


Keys for Magickal Living Includes 30+ Life-Changing Tips

  • 30 Keys for Magickal Living short videos + introduction videos and support resources
  • 16 videos exploring Magickal Living + 4 bonus Keyala Yoga videos for embodiment of Magickal Living
  • Private Keys For Magickal Living Facebook group to access course material, share experiences and ask questions
  • Priority invitation to join live online Q&A sessions with Jeanette Kishori McKenzie
  • Membership in the private Magick Makeover Facebook Group with more Magickal Living resources
  • Subscription to the Magick Makeover Newsletter with tips and updates (approx 4 a year)
  • For a limited time, a 15-minute private 1-to-1 LASER conversation with Jeanette to hone in on your real desire

The entire Experience is recorded and immediately available in the private Keys For Magickal Living Facebook Group, so you may play with these Keys at your own pace, in your own time, to establish a regular practice of Self Inquiry and Embodiment for Magickal Living.

You will be notified in the Facebook group when the Live Q&A sessions are scheduled

The tips are an invitation to focus your attention on choosing to live in your sovereign power as the designer of your life.

Some examples of The Keys for Magickal Living include

Refining, Defining and the Art of Precision

You are already a Billionaire. Here’s a key to making it REAL

Shadow & Paradox! The Magick of what you don’t want!

The Magickal Doorway of SLEEP

Magickal Eating! Our Ecstatic Relationship with FOOD

See an example of a short daily video below.
The First Key for Magickal Living is SEEING

An Example of a Key For Magickal Living – SEEING

Each Key is a piece of the puzzle, helping us to develop a daily practice in communicating between the mind and body, between the conscious and unconscious.

Participating in the Keys for Magickal Living Experience can be the first or an additional step in Self Inquiry under the playful guidance of Jeanette Kishori McKenzie. Each Key is an activation.

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The investment for the course during this time of transition is currently £97* special offer for a limited time

*Bursaries and special terms may be available on request, with priority for Keyala Community members and those who have participated in my previous courses. Please apply here.

Please register by clicking the button below. On completion of payment, when you see the Welcome page, please join the private Facebook Group where you have immediate access to all the course material. (If you do not see the Welcome page please contact us)



“Magick is the art of shifting perception” Jeanette Kishori McKenzie



Jeanette – I agree with every word you say – so lovely to be reminded and also a WonderFull confirmation of deep inner Gnowing (that is not a typo!). Thank you and Brightest Blessings, I look forward to listening more to your insights and wisdom. Pamela


Jeanette, I just have to thank you again, as I sit here contemplating your words, I want to say, I have been a diligent student of many: Deepak, Wayne, Anita, Eckhart, Byron Katie, Joe Dispenza and more, and while I get what they say, somehow with your way of putting it, I am suddenly getting it at a whole new level! I am feeling such gratitude and peace, I wish I was not so far away in South Africa and that I could attend one of your events! Thank you thank you thank you! Mary


With focused attention and commitment to exploration, this process works. I live and breathe differently now. I can quickly dissolve that which binds me. I own all of my projections as myself. How empowering! I honestly believe that self inquiry is the only path to freedom… and Jeanette certainly delivers! Laurie


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