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read moreWhen the mind discovers its root in the Heart, it becomes illumined and pulses with the heartbeat. Following the simple steps to a Magick Makeover, all emotional and physical disturbances are transformed into embodied coherence, so we know our purpose, pleasure, abundance and freedom – which I refer to as the four yogic flowers.

The monumental shift in consciousness which we are experiencing is of a totally different order than a simple incremental increase in awareness. The instrument with which we perceive the world, which has appeared to surround the perceiver, is realised to truly be an expression of myself. And so my power becomes potentially infinite, akin to becoming the ruler and master of all I survey and create. This is my very Self, my God, and all I am imagining. The ability to live in that state, as that state, requires a period of ongoing adjustment as I continually update engaging with this new clarity. Many experience swinging between two vastly different, at times opposing, paradigms. Seemingly resistant and insensitive, but in reality called to be about the business of wholeness. Full spectrum consciousness has no preferences. It is aware of no fragmentation… No other.

In alchemy, the science of transmuting base metal into gold requires this union of opposites to release power.


The old filters and conditioning which permit the experience of the world of duality are disintegrating… a new identity begins to birth. It is a time of great instability for many, as the old order falls away and our new Home becomes the default, made new in harmony. Fluid and yet stable. All the opposites included, and in balance. All the gods and goddesses make up the whole.

As for a baby when he begins to master the art of standing and walking, the possibilities appear awesome, infinite. Yet the conditioned mind keeps on recapitulating, until the shift from passive to empowered participation as a HeartField becomes stable. And this has to be integral and from the root, not papering over cracks. It all has to go. Blindness and separative points of view must die…  to enable  living in union. And Union (yoga) is required for the flowers and fruit of true yoga to blossom. Fulfilment of purpose, abundant life, pleasure… and freedom to fly.

A Shift in State

A shift from one state to another, although it takes time to be ready, is always sudden. The moment of dawn, of birth… the expected punchline of a joke… and huge cosmic laughter! Hide and seek… Peek-a-boo. “Here I am singing, shining all the time.”
Always was and always will be. Spring is here and the fields are always already full of flowers.
The shift simply happens without thought, spontaneously. A mindless, effortless Keyala.
A myriad breaths, pulsations, heartbeats… until that moment is here. And we fly without effort, laughing. Lifted by the great wind beneath our wings.

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