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Jeanette Kishori McKenzie invites you to a new Magick Makeover Intensive:

Are you ready to devote a few minutes a day for 9 days to this magnificent opportunity, then 9 days integrating the new habit?

A new Magick Makeover Challenge open to ALL

This is another online Magick Makeover Challenge for a novena – 9 days – from 1 January 2020 until the Full Moon on Friday 10 January 2020, then a novena integration period of 9 days, with completion on Sunday 19 January 2020.

There will also be introductory videos on the Magick Makeover Facebook Page. The last 3 days, 29, 30 and 31 December, will be activation videos. It takes 21 days to integrate and establish a new habit – this Challenge offers you 21 days to explore how it feels to Embody the Heart.

Your life is a Fairytale!

You are here to realise your power to lift the spell of the current limited mind matrix, making your life into the magnificent expression it really is.

Your Heart Life is already truly Magickal.

Are you ready to Make It REAL and live conflict-free, as the Body of the Heart?

To rewire your mind into the Quantum Heart rather than into circumstances and archaeology?

Seeing and feeling and allowing the embodiment of your authentic expression, your unlimited self?


We have recently completed a WAKE UP TO MAGICK Challenge, a powerful novena, a 9 day challenge, followed by 9 days of intra-personal integration.

Here are a few of the comments our participants are making:

Hallelujah yes 🌹❤️🌺👏👏my engagement with the group “Wake up To Magick” unbound the woman in me to experience my Inner Lover – the sweet spot appeared for me where all doubts aka “Mr Frosty Breath” transmuted joyously to “this is my playground”. Tears of Joy and laughter and connection in the group was sublime, powerful and vibrationally uplifting – more than that it was the sparkle in your eyes Jeanette and joyous exhuberance, raising us to pure bliss I cherish – more please 🌹💥❤️👏🌺♥️


This is not just a theoretical course in life by design.This is step-by-step practical implementation. Jeanette takes no prisoners. Amazing how quickly you can shift from reactor to creator when you are shown how. For me the shift came in the first 48 hours. It’s like finding out your magic wand does work, but you’d forgotten to plug it into your heart. We are creatures of habit, and so the 9 days plus 9 days’ integration were invaluable to develop the new habit of remembering to take everything to the heart. to be magically transformed. So much magic has happened in the last couple of weeks that I can’t begin to imagine what happens next – but I’m in like Flynn!

The next novena Embody the Heart! starts on the first day of the New Year on 1st January 2020 with completion on 19th January 2020.

This next Challenge enables you to continue to stabilise the ease and simplicity of living on purpose from the Heart. We begin to explore a simple practice of creating space for embodying wholeness… from the unknown. Occupying all your space, expressing as the movement of love made visible, realising what this body and everything actually is.

There will be free introductory videos in December 2019.

The Challenge features

  • Daily online meetings during the novena which you can attend, or watch later
  • A private Facebook group for sharing experience at least once in every 24-hour period. This is an integral part of the experience
  • An invitation to Live Q&A group Zoom calls online with Jeanette to share our experiences

We are always beginning again in every breath, from any state of mind or body! So the challenge is open to all!

Energy Investmentjeanette leads the body of the heart challenge

An essential element of this Challenge is for you to invest some of your own energy in this adventure.

In our 3D land, energy is represented by money, which is like a fertiliser. When you click the PAY NOW button below, it is like planting a seed of intent, fertilised by a symbolic payment of at least £3 per day for the 18 days of this Challenge, a total of £54*. We are asking for this as a token contribution, an Energy Gift as a statement of intent. There is also a Donation button if you feel you would like to invest more. Put your hand on your heart, and feel if you would like to contribute more – whatever amount you like. Please note the results are not affected by the amount invested!

*Bursaries and special terms may be available on request, with priority for Community members and those who have participated in my previous courses. Please apply here.

Yes I’ll invest £54* to participate in Embody The Heart Challenge!

* * * Registration for this cutting edge Challenge is now closed * * *

If you feel you would like to also donate towards developing the Magick Makeover Community to support new events, activities and publications please click here:


Are you ready?


Jeanette Kishori McKenzie


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6 Responses

  1. Rose McClement

    Hi there Vanessa and Jeanette.
    I’M IN. You had me at ‘exploration and no separation’. Love spiritual exploration and I had set the intention to move closer into that space of knowing ‘no separation or no other’. Last minute I know. But oh so excited.
    My one reservation was that we are traveling since its our annual holiday break. Which means i might not always be able to attend the Zoom sessions. I’m assuming though that as before, those recording will be made available on the same day. Many thanks to the both of you. Much love
    Rose McClement

    • Jeanette

      Thank you Rose! Yes, the Zoom recordings will be available on the same day in the private Facebook group. See you there!

  2. Juin Gibson

    Hi Jeanette

    I am in! I signed up around 1.30 pm today and I can’t find the link to today’s zoom. I am sure I will be able to see it on fb. I will be travelling in Devon from Friday so will probably have to catch up with most of the zooms. See you soon online x

    • Jeanette

      Good to have you on board Juin and look forward to seeing you in Devon. All the replays will be in the private facebook group.

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